Monday, June 23, 2008

CPE Trial - Indy vs. Dogwalk

Indy and I went to a CPE trial this past weekend. I'm not a huge fan of CPE - yet - but their trials are great for training and working through issues. For the last year, Indy has had a love/hate relationship with the dogwalk. Sometimes she'll do it without hesitation, and other times she won't go near it. At this trial location in particular, I could never get her even close to the dogwalk - in countless attempts - until this weekend when she NAILED it.

Yay Indy! I'm soooo proud of was late (a night trial), dark, and rainy - I totally expected her to run past it, but she proved me wrong. What a brave little spotty girl!

We ended up qualifying in 2 out of 3 runs, with a first place in both jumpers and standard. Our third run was snooker and well, we got snookered. :)

She looks quite pleased with herself, don't you think?!

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