Saturday, December 13, 2008

Peyton Contact Videos

Since I've spent the last few months working on contacts with Peyton, I thought I'd share a few little videos. Overall, I'm happy with how he's progressing. We're still working on a lowered a-frame, but I think he definitely understands the end behavior now. I do think his striding looks a little awkward, but at this point I'm not sure if it's enough to be concerned about since the frame is still low...or maybe I'm just being too picky. :)

The first video just shows contact work - lot's of a-frame bottoms...

The second video shows Peyton running a little baby course. We had a few "oops" moments, but overall he did really well. I realized recently that I've not run many, if any, novice courses with him so I think we need to go back and work on some of the basics with lots of running and very little turning. :)

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BrittBeah said...

He is so fun to watch play. That spotty coat stands out quite well against the dark back ground :)