Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Class Clown

Our agility classes started back up this week at SOTC's new location! Peyton had his first class on Monday and he was W-I-L-D. Really wild. I'm hoping it was just the combination of a new class, new location, and the cooler weather, but whatever the reason, he was a handful - even more so than usual.

In addition to his usual first run zoomies, he had some second and third run zoomies, and just when I thought he was starting to find his spotty brain, he decided mid-run to grab one of the cones and run around the field with it. *Sigh* - and I was just thinking recently that at least he's never grabbed a cone off the course. Note to self: stop thinking about things that can go wrong!

On Tuesday night, Indy had class first. She did really well and seemed very happy to be back in class - even in a new location. After her class, I ran Peyton for a bit. He did much better than the night before, but he was still running like a half-crazed spotty.

I've been noticing lately that he's running with a lot more confidence and intensity. On one hand, I think that's a really good thing. But on the other, he's really testing my handling skills. :) I'm finding that my timing needs to be almost perfect, or I end up sending him off-course. I'm hoping that once he gets a little more accustomed to working in different environments, his focus will improve. Not that I don't need to work on my's just that I would prefer to not have to be in his face so much.

I keep telling him that he's lucky he's so cute...especially when sporting antlers. :)

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