Monday, July 28, 2008

Contact Work

Even though Peyton is enjoying a little break from agility class over the summer, we still play in the backyard a few times a week. His contacts are usually pretty good, but I still have to babysit them a little so tonight we worked on some recalls over the dogwalk and teeter. In his defense, my dogwalk isn't regulation so we don't practice on it at home too much. He was a little wild tonight, but was sure trying. :)

The good thing about bringing out the video camera when training is not only can you review your dog's performance, but more importantly you can see what you're doing wrong. And here I noticed the timing of my cues was pretty darn lousy - bad handler!



Anonymous said...

Man what a talented dog and what a cinema photographer, he must be a professional!

Kim said...

LOL! Sure...