Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Original Spotty

I realized today that I don't have very many pictures of Pongo up...and it's certainly not because he isn't super's just that Indy & Peyton tend to be the camera hogs of the family.

So I decided today would be Pongo's day, although it wasn't long before I was reminded why I don't have as many recent Pongo pictures.

It's because I get a whole lot of this:

You see, Pongo is a little hard of hearing in his not-so-young age. So it's a little hard to get his attention unless I have food. Which is fine, but then I get this:

And I guess that's okay when it's followed by a tongue shot...

And occasionally I'm lucky enough to get some halfway decent photos of my original spotty dog. I guess he's decided that he's had enough pictures taken in his 14 years that he really doesn't need any more. And I'm sure if I was his age, I probably would feel the same. :)

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