Friday, August 1, 2008

Backyard Agility Fun

Tonight while I was watching Peyton run around the backyard, I was thinking about how I might get a few pictures of him weaving. Taking pictures of your own dogs doing agility can be a little tricky - it's hard to handle the dog and the camera at the same time! Anyway, I was standing at the far end of the weaves when I saw him come around the corner and on a whim, I yelled "weave" - and without hesitation he drove right to the weaves - and I was at least 30 ft. in front of him!

I was so shocked that he actually did them, that I didn't get many good pictures - in fact, I'm surprised I didn't drop my camera.

This dog just amazes me goofy as he can be, when he's in the mood, he can really perform. Now if only I could get him to pay attention in class - *sigh* - I know, be patient. :)

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