Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dogwalk Vibes Needed

Indy & I have a NADAC trial in Ocala this Friday night and are in need of some *please Indy, do the dogwalk* vibes! :)

For some reason, Indy hasn't been extremely fond of the dogwalk at this particular trial location. I'm guessing this is partly because it is a dark dogwalk - black with very dark yellow contacts - and we all know how much Indy likes things that are different - not. The problem with this theory, however, is that there is another place we trial in Ocala that uses the exact same dogwalk and she's never had a problem with it there. Funny girl.

I'm pretty optimistic since at the last Ocala trial she finally decided, after many prior attempts, that this particular dogwalk in this particular location, could be trusted. Hopefully she'll remember.

Anyway, please feel free to send some dogwalk vibes our way! And if you have any to spare, *stay on course* vibes are always appreciated. :)

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