Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tired Spotties

It's been another busy week here in spotty land...with agility classes back in full swing, I've thinking we should just pack our bags and camp out at SOTC.

This is what our weeknights now look like:
Monday - Peyton has class
Tuesday - Indy and Peyton both have class
Wednesday - I teach class
Thursday - I assist classes
Friday - Free at the moment, but I'm teaching a new class that starts next week

And this weekend, Indy and I have a two night NADAC trial up in Ocala.

Yikes! I think I must be a little crazy. :)

Actually I really enjoy all of it - teaching, assisting, and of course playing with the spotties. Agility really is a lot of fun, and it's a nice little mental break after a stressful day working.

Speaking of breaks, Indy is a little annoyed that this past week has been all about dogs *other* than her, so here's a few fun pics of my spotty little girl with the big ol' head. :)

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