Monday, September 22, 2008

Trial Recap & Videos

Elite regular round 1: Our first run was a little rough...Indy decided to take a few extra jumps before the dogwalk and then I sent her the wrong way coming out of the tunnel. Oops!

Here's our first regular run:

Elite regular round 2: This time Indy went out of her way to take the off-course dog walk. I guess she wanted to make sure she got it this time. :)
Elite jumpers: A decent run, but for some reason Indy decided to veer right on a straight line of jumps and went off-course.
Elite chances: This was a very doable course for us. I'm not sure what happened, but I'm thinking we were both half asleep because that run was just u-g-l-y.
Novice touch n go: Finally a Q! This was a nice run that earned Indy her title AND was the last run we needed for our novice versatility award.

Here's our touch n go run:

Elite regular round 1: A decent run, but Indy pretty much ran into me to take the a-frame instead of the tunnel. I think we need to revisit discriminations. :)
Elite regular round 2: Nice run, but we got called on the dogwalk contact.

Elite chances: A really great effort on Indy's part! This was one of the toughest chances courses I've seen and we almost got it. Since I've pretty much stopped working any distance I was pretty impressed.
Open weavers: A great run, but she popped out after the 10th pole.
Elite jumpers: A clean run, but we were over time.

Here's our jumper's run:

Overall, it was a pretty decent weekend even though we only had one Q - hey, at least it was for our title. I'm really happy with how Indy is running, even if she still sometimes thinks her course designs are best. :)

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