Friday, October 10, 2008

Simply Spotted on Display!

Three of my photos can now be seen in the windows of Holistic For Pets in Bradenton - How cool is that!? I stopped by this afternoon and the posters turned out great. If you look at the pictures below, that's Pongo on the far right and Lorraine's sheltie boys in the middle and Jill's LuJack (pug) on the left side.

So I told Pongo that his mug is now on display (pretending that he can hear me) and he wasn't too excited. I think he would have preferred that I brought him home a big bag of treats. Indy, on the other hand, was MAD because she thinks I should have submitted a picture of her. It's *always* about her. And Peyton, well he pretty much said "whatever...let's go chase squirrels".

Anyway, a special thanks to Elizabeth and Val for showcasing a few of my favorite pictures! Now I can always see Pongo's face reminding me to buy him (lots and lots of) treats when I go in. :)

Be sure to stop by their Lakewood Ranch location and see all of the pretty pictures on display! You can also visit Holistic For Pets online at or click their link under "a few of my favorites" on the right hand side of this page.

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