Thursday, November 20, 2008

My 14 Year Old Puppy

This week Pongo has decided to make it very clear that he is *not* a "senior". In fact, I think he might be reliving his puppy hood. First, he decided to steal a new loaf of bread off the dining room table. Fortunately I caught him before he ate the whole loaf! This was probably one of his best tricks back in the day...before he trained us humans to keep bread in the fridge. :)

The next day I caught him shredding a cardboard box. Then I found him in the bathroom eating the roll of toilet paper. And probably most shocking was learning that one day he actually ran around and played with Peyton in the backyard.

Silly boy...I guess I should be happy he's feeling so youthful. :)

On a different note, it's *cold* (well, cold for some of us Floridians) and we've all been bundled up the past few days. Here's a few pics of the spotties wrapped in one of our favorite fuzzy blankets...

And finally a few shots of my poor bored spotty. I actually think he really misses going to too.


BrittBeah said...

Those are some sad bord faces. My agility class ends next week. I'm a little worried cause I think Dan is going to get bord too :( He lets me know in creative ways he's bord.
By the was I should have video of our lates class up soon, if you're interested. I know you had mentioned wanting to see him doing some weaves.

Kim said...

Definitely! :)