Monday, November 10, 2008

Teeter Drama

Well, our trial on Sunday started off well enough - Indy had a nice run in Elite jumpers and we came in just under time for a Q. Our second run was touch n go and it was u-g-l-y...Indy decided she her plan for the course was much better than what the judge had in mind. OK, so I thought she was just a little wound up and excited to be running.

Then came our third run, which was elite regular. It was pretty much the same...wild spotty girl running in the direction opposite of where I wanted her to. It wasn't until our fourth run, elite regular round 2, that I realized that she had noticed that there was a teeter sitting just outside the ring...and was afraid that I was going to ask her to do it.

*Sigh* - Indy hates the teeter. Even though she does it at home, she thinks about all other teeters are completely evil and does her best to avoid them. Oh well, at least I realized that there was a reason behind our crazy runs.

Our final run was elite tunnelers and we had a nice run, but one wide turn cost us the Q as we were one second over course time. NADAC sure does have some aggressive course times once you start running in elite - for even a relatively fast dog, there isn't much room for any mistakes.

On a good note, Peyton did very well on our little trip - he's getting much better about staying in the hotel. He did however, think that hanging out at the trial was b-o-r-i-n-g. I keep telling him that if he would get his act together, he could play too. :)

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