Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Collar!

After almost a year of indecisiveness, I finally got one of Kathryn's collar/leash combos! Kathryn is a local agility competitor who also happens to make some of the coolest custom collars around. She has so many great color combos, it's very tough to choose.

Here's a few pictures of the spotties modeling their new martingale collar/lead.

Peyton thinks it makes him look very sophisticated...

And he loves his matching tug!

Indy likes it too...this color looks great with her blue eyes!

I want to get another one made for Peyton soon...I'm thinking a red/white/blue combo would look really good on him, but again I just can't make up my mind. :)

Be sure to check out Kathryn's website at!

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