Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Peyton Rocked This Week

Peyton did very well in class this week! He's still acting a little quirky at the start line, but not as bad as he has been in prior weeks. Last night we had some extra nice runs that I was really looking forward to seeing on tape, but when I got home I found out they didn't record. *Sigh* - why does that always seem to happen?

Anyway, I still managed to get a few nice sequences on tape. The first part is from last night's class - it was freezing! And the second part is from class on Monday night. Warning: my videographer decided to get fancy on me and try to move around while taping so it's a little Blair Witch-like at first. :)

I'm starting to feel like we are *really* close to putting it all together. Now, if I can just get a little more focus, and a better handle on our start line, I'll be thrilled. But in the meantime, we're really having a lot of fun... :)

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