Monday, February 9, 2009


While in Indy, I stayed with one of my best friends and all of her critters - four dogs, seven kitties, two fish and three horses. (!)


BrittBeah said...

Your first pic reminds me of this really cool painting of paint horses in the woods. The horses are black and white and so is the snow and the pealing bark on the bare trees so you almost can't see the horses. His 'camo' is cool, besides, I'm partial to appaloosas <3

Kim said...

That's Bear...he used to be almost all black in his younger days. I'm thinking he's in his early 20's now. :)

BrittBeah said...

That is interesting that he has gotten lighter in his old age. My app. has gotten a lot darker over the years, he started out brown and has become black in places.

Anonymous said...

OK, seriously, I want some of these.
I LOVE the Maya pictures.
I want the Bear pic and Bela in the barn too.
I'll send the link to Teresa so she can see Diddly.