Thursday, February 5, 2009

Outta Here!

Well, I'm off for a quick weekend trip to Indiana in the morning...I would be complaining about the cold, but it's been so chilly here the past few days, the Indiana weather isn't looking *too* bad. I guess Florida is preparing me - I taught three classes outside tonight and for the first time since moving down here, I couldn't feel my toes. We even had frost forming on the chute...burrr!

Anyway, hopefully it will be a fun little trip...I'm really looking forward to seeing my Indy friends (who never come to visit me in (usually) warm, sunny Florida - hint, hint!). Although Peyton's not too happy - this is what he thinks about me leaving...

Hopefully he'll be good at "grandma's" house...Peyton, are you reading this?? ;)

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