Monday, February 23, 2009

We Love Our Friends

Because when we're feeling down, they really know how to cheer us up! Check out this awesome picture of Mac and Mozart (the nicest Rotties you'll ever meet) - aren't they clever? I just had to share... :)

Peyton would like his friends to know that he's feeling much better today. Not quite 100%, but a huge improvement over the past few days. Personally, I think he found out that I was thinking about taking him back to the vet and decided he needed to shape up...and quick!

No offense to my super awesome vet, but Peyton's not a big fan of going to the clinic. In fact I knew he was feeling really bad last week when I picked him up and the tech said that he was a *perfect angel* all day (even before the meds) - um, that's not my spotty. He generally cooperates, but not without first letting everyone know that he would rather be elsewhere. :)

So thanks again for the good thoughts - paws and fingers crossed again that the spotty boy is on the mend!

1 comment:

BrittBeah said...

Oh me, Oh my, those have to be the sweetest friends ever. What a nice gesture.