Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Agility is Fun-Fun-Fun!

Well, the good news is Peyton had a lot of fun in class last night...maybe a little too much though as we had several yee-haw(!) moments.

I tried to follow my own advice and not dwell on the mistakes. I did end up putting him back in the weaves a few times since he had a major case of tunnel-vision and kept trying to skip the last half of the poles. This wasn't the same case as last night where he was just missing the entry...this was a why-waste-time-in-the-weaves when there's a tunnel calling my name(!) - so I thought we did need to stop and have a little conversation about that. :)

Here's a little video of a couple of our jumpers runs...overall, I think he handled this sequence very nicely, although (as usual) I certainly could have done a better job giving him direction in a few spots.

And here are a few videos of our standard runs. The first one he *really* did not want to wait on the contacts - you can see that he self-released several times. Our second run was better, but he still wanted to go-go-go. Even when I stopped to treat him on the dogwalk contact, I could tell that he was more interested in going on than taking the treats. I guess that's a good thing. :)

I know I say this a lot, but he really is so much fun to run. And as much as I dislike watching *me* on the videos, I love to see him having a great time on course. I think he's really coming along nicely. :)


BrittBeah said...

Wow at the lead outs you're getting with him!

Glad to see his little accident didn't cause him to be fearful of the tunnel. He does look like the has a little 'tunnel vision' (ok made a bad joke, ha ha).

Lisa said...

Wow, Peyton is looking great! It's so good to see him having fun out there after his little "incident" in the tunnel a few weeks ago. He's so blazing fast that he makes Tess look like she's sleepwalking on course :)

Keep up the good work!

Kim said...

Aww thanks! But so *not* true about Tess...she is great. There's something to be said about control on course...most days I feel like I'm running a yo-yo. It's fun, but not always pretty. :)

One of these days hopefully we'll find both, but in the meantime it's a bit of a wild ride...