Monday, March 9, 2009

Clock Watchers?

I'm convinced that the spotties can read the clocks. Whenever I'm home in the evening, Peyton usually lets me know it's time for dinner by attempting to crawl in my lap while I'm working on my computer. And even though we woke up at our normal time yesterday morning, Peyton was letting me know at 8 pm it was time to eat (which would have only been 7 pm the day before). I don't have any other explanation other than they know how to tell time. Now if only I could get used to the change...although I'm not complaining as it's great to have the evening light back!

Here's a few more pictures of my senior spotty. I just love these shots of him. :)


Lisa said...

Such a sweet and loving face! Old friends are the best, aren't they? Although we're very fortunate to have two more awesome Dals, I miss our first two every day. How blessed we are to share our lives with these incredible animals.

Kim said...

Indeed! :)