Saturday, March 14, 2009


I stopped by Big Lots today to see if they had a computer cable that I was on a hunt for...they didn't, but while I was there I browsed through the pet section since they occasionally have some good stuff, amidst a lot of really nasty dog food and other junk. :)

I was so excited to find the cloud star brand of treats that I get for Peyton for $2.50 each...normally I pay close to $6 for a little bag. Woot! I ended up buying 8 bags of their sliced apple treats, which he really likes. And then while driving home, I decided to stop by another Big Lots and they had even more than the first store...this time I got 4 bags of the carrot slices and 4 bags of the sweet potato variety...and a cute little stuffie that squeaks and rattles for $3.

All together I saved over $55, and needless to say I probably won't need to buy treats for a while. I'm so excited...these are one of the few commercial treats that I use for Peyton since he has had some allergies in the past. These treats are ingredients, all natural, and made in the USA.

Just though I would share in case anyone is looking for a deal. Oh, and here's Peyton with all his goodies... :)


Lisa said...

Kim - How funny you post about your score at Big Lots! I just came away from there with a load of dog treats on Thursday :) It's great when you hit that store at just the right time. Hope all the spotties enjoy their yummies!

BrittBeah said...

I like the last pic especially with me menacing stuffy.

I spent some quality time at Big Lots yesterday myself. A little too much time, I'm a little light in the wallet now :( but I got some nice stuff!

Kim said...

Big Lots is such a funny store...I only seem to find good doggie deals if I go in for something totally unrelated. :)

Yay for yummy treats (and light wallets)! :)