Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spotted Brat!

Well, Peyton is feeling pretty darn good...and he's letting me know by being a MAJOR brat. As I type, he's shrieking (think nails-on-chalkboard screech/yelp/whine - total tantrum) in the other room because he wants me to get out his toys and play.

I'm soooo glad that he's feeling better, but *sigh*'s like he has a week's worth of extra energy that he needs to get out. At least we have class tomorrow night - that should help a little bit, although I have a feeling he'll make it a little extra challenging for me. No more hurt spotties, please! :)


BrittBeah said...

Oh WOW! How awesome it that last pic. Is that a pic or a painting? Very pretty.

Lisa said...

Hey, Kim - So glad to hear that Peyton is feeling better! I'm sure you can tolerate a little brattiness to have your crazy spottie back in rare form :) One of our girls is a whiner, too, complaining about anything that doesn't suit her princess lifestyle. Currently, she's whining because I haven't served breakfast yet this morning!

Continued good health to Peyton!

Kim said...

Thanks! And that last shot is a picture...I have no talents with a brush. :)