Sunday, March 29, 2009

We Survived Another Trial!

Peyton had four runs today at the Baldwin NADAC trial in Ocala...I can't say they were *pretty* runs, but I do think they were a *big* improvement over our first trialing attempts.

My goals for this trial were to have fun, make the most of my time in the ring, and try to stick to a plan...overall, I think these goals were accomplished. I do think that my biggest challenge has little to do with Peyton, but rather my ability to think on my feet and try to make the good decisions when running...and while spots are flying all over the place. :)

We started with novice regular (standard) - I was really pleased with this run...even though Peyton was a bit squirrely, I think I took my time and worked through the most important parts. We did have one really ugly moment where I was really late in my front cross and we almost crashed, but otherwise there were some really nice moments.

Next was jumpers - a wild run! Not much to say except we were all over the place...a nice finish though. Our third run was chances and I think he actually did pretty well. We missed the weaves at the end, but at that point I didn't think it was worth trying to correct. Finally, our last run was novice weavers with a tunnel/weaves opening - very tough with a running start. It took us three attempts to get the weaves, but after that he nailed the other two sets. I'm really glad I took the time to work on the weaves...I think it was good for him to really *think* about what he was doing.

So overall, I'm really proud of how Peyton did, especially being at a new location. No Q's, but we did manage *not* to get completely eliminated on our final run. :) My only worry was that he seemed to get a little anxious after our first couple runs, but we also noticed that there was a lot of gunfire in the distance so I'm guessing that played a big part. The fact that he was even able to run after our recent gun shot incident was huge!

Here's a little video:

Sadly, Indy did not have a good day...we had some clean runs, but were over time. She's just not running with her normal enthusiasm. I know the new location was an issue for her, but I also don't think she's very happy about sharing *her* trials with Peyton. We have another trial coming up here in a few weeks and since it's closer to home, I'm hoping she'll be a little happier.

On a different note, after 9 runs today I'm *exhausted* - and sporting quite the farmer's tan (sunburn)...I don't know how people who trial multiple dogs in NADAC do it! :)


BrittBeah said...

Payton looks SO happy! He always puts a smile on my face. I'm glad he enjoyed himself. I know it must be frustrating for you to know how well he does on home turf.

Sorry today wasn't a good day for Indy. I wouldn't wanna share the spot light with my little bro either.

Lisa said...

Isn't it amazing what different dogs we have in our training facility versus at a trial? Jazz is doing so well at our agility club, but I know when I take her to a trial, I'll have an uphill battle until she gets accustomed to it.

Sorry Indy doesn't feel like sharing HER fun with her brother! I'm hoping that since Jim runs Tess and I'll run Jazz, we may avoid some of that jealousy, but one never knows with these spotties :) It makes life interesting, doesn't it?!

Keep up the good work, Kim. There was lots of improvement since I saw Peyton's first trial videos. I still think that when it all comes together for Peyton, he's going to be awesome!

Kim said...

Thanks guys! Oddly enough, I'm not really frustrated...I guess it's because for the longest time I wasn't sure that we would *ever* be able to trial. :)