Saturday, May 9, 2009


Peyton and I had a little run-thru opportunity at Palmetto tonight. It went okay, but unfortunately my head just wasn't in the game and I didn't feel like we accomplished as much as we could have. Too bad since we have our *first* AKC trial there in two weeks!

I always feel bad whenever I can't give Peyton 100% when running because I know at this point he really needs and deserves it. I provided very little in the way of handling support tonight and it really showed...poor spotty didn't know where to go. But enough dwelling(!) here are some *good* moments...

1. Managed two really nice long lead-outs - I probably won't attempt one this long in an actual trial anytime soon, but I wanted to get an idea of his comfort level. He was a little antsy, but I don't think he was stressed.
2. All obstacles and contacts look pretty good. He's dropping bars (which is unusual for him), but I think it's likely an excitement issue at this point.
3. His table was pretty decent! On our first attempt, he had an itchy face, but managed to stay in a down. :) The second attempt wasn't as great, but no worse than what I sometimes get in class.
4. Despite lots of kids running around (he thinks they can be pretty scary), he seemed fairly comfortable with the environment. Near the end of our second run he didn't hold his teeter and looked a little worried, but when I reviewed the video I noticed motorcycle noise, which always tends to unnerve him a bit.

Here's a little video...Peyton has added his comments. :)

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BrittBeah said...

Payton is right, children are scarry. I'm righ there with him.
He looked so cute scratching his face!