Friday, June 26, 2009

Gold Hydrant Award

We would like to thank the (Life with Dogs) Academy for honoring the House of Spots with a "Gold Hydrant Award"! We are truly honored and while the spotty dogs are still working on their formal acceptance speech, I thought I would go ahead and share the happy news.

Peyton is beyond excited...I'm not sure he knows why he's excited, but when I mentioned "hydrant", his eyeballs almost popped out (again).

If you have yet to experience the blog known as "Life with Dogs" - go ahead and check it out at - it's mostly amusing, sometimes disturbing, but always entertaining. :)


Hoover said...

Hello fellow beautiful spotted creature.

Love your blog.

I might be part Dalmatain but I'm all spotty!

Hoover BPD (Battery Powered Dog)

Martine said...

So totally cool!!!!!!!! Life with dogs obviously sent us over!!! You all look SO CUTE!

Now that it's summer, Sugar (white bull terrier) has lost her winter coat and guess what's showing through?! Little Light Spots all over her back!!! She's also got a ton on her belly and legs, so cute!!

xo sugar & martine

Life With Dogs said...

Best acceptance photo ever! How could I expect anything less? I will laugh at this picture incessantly.

Now don't you want to be fair to your readers and say: mildly amusing, sometimes entertaining, and always disturbing? ;)

Kim said...

Ha! I thought about that, but didn't want to scare my readers off before they had a chance to experience the LWD madness for themselves. ;)

And we love ALL spots...thanks Martine and Hoover for stopping by!!