Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Miami Trial Videos - Part 1

I'm still trying to get caught up after our Miami trip, but I thought I would share the videos from our first two days. We had a couple of decent jumpers runs and a couple of terrible standard runs. I can't say that Peyton was very comfortable with this venue in general, but I'm pretty sure I made things worse by trying to over-manage his runs which in turn didn't help his stress level. On a good note, I took away a LOT of ideas for how I need to handle him, especially on tricky courses.

Thursday Fast - We only entered the first day of Fast - not my favorite class, but we did manage to Q with a 1st place. Once Peyton got his "must go bark at judge" out of his system, this was a pretty fun run.

Thursday JWW - Peyton wanted the weaves on the opening, then he dropped a bar on the double and then I just stopped handling.

Thursday Standard - I *hated* this course and the opening was terrible for large dogs because when they came out of the chute the dogwalk was right in their face. So what did I do? Stopped and screamed and clapped like an idiot. :) Peyton wasn't impressed - not that I blame him. He didn't seem to be very happy for the rest of the run either. This run was a very good reminder to me that calling Peyton off of obstacles isn't a very good handling choice and doesn't make for a confident spotty dog.

Friday Standard - I did a really bad job of handling this opening which lead to several off-courses. Then we had a really nice running a-frame which was followed by more off-courses. And a few more off-courses at the end. I think we finished with 7 total. On a good note, his table was nice. :)

Friday JWW - A Q and 1st place! Now we only need one more for his Open title. One little refusal, but otherwise this was a fast and fun run.

Day 3 and 4 videos coming soon!

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Wow that last run was awesome!