Saturday, November 7, 2009

DTCT Trial

We've been playing at the DTCT trial in Palmetto this weekend! We had one run last night and three today - lots of good moments and a few silly ones too.

Last night we had an Excellent Standard run and it was my turn to be the distracted one. Peyton handled the course pretty well, but I was just all out of balance...I'm really surprised I didn't fall down. The tunnels got the best of us in this run.

Today we started with Novice FAST - it was a nice fast, fun run and we Q'd with first place.

Next was Open JWW and despite missing the double (my fault), I loved this run! First time in a while where I felt we were both running on the same page, so to speak. He had a great recall into the weaves, although you can't really see it since my videographer (not naming any names ahem Karen) lost track of the spotty dog.

Our final run was Excellent Standard and I think I made the mistake of allowing Peyton to get way too excited before we even set foot in the ring. I had him out earlier than usual and he got really worked up while begging Lisa (who he adores) for treats. I knew the opening was going to be tricky, but he was just all over the place. On a good note, he held two out of three contacts and our table was pretty decent.

Well be heading back over early in the morning, but since we are in the first class in each ring it should be a short day. Tomorrow I'm going to try taking him out of his crate right before his run and see if it helps keep him a little more calm. Really though, I think we're making some progress!

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achieve1dream said...

I think you did great (we'll ignore that last one)! ;) Have fun tomorrow!