Sunday, January 10, 2010


You probably know by now that at 60 degrees, I usually have a sweatshirt on and tend to complain a little about being chilly. At 50 degrees, I'm probably wearing a hat, possibly gloves, and the moaning and groaning begins. And at 40 degrees, the serious grumbling sets in. Below 40, I start to think about hibernating! It has been insanely cold (for Florida) this week, and the past few days have been miserable. Hello's not supposed to be so COLD here!

We cancelled two days of agility classes this week and the only time I ventured out was for Karen's advanced handling class...I considered staying home, but couldn't pass up a class with Karen. I even took Indy, and while I was miserable, she had a lot of fun, and did pretty well considering she hasn't been in a class like that for ages! Poor Peyton stayed home - I was pretty sure it would be too cold for him. Indy has a little more coat and isn't as much of a weenie like Peyton (or me, for that matter).

I've been reminded countless times about how back in Indy, I'd be up before the sun in the middle of winter driving through snow and ice, and sub zero temperatures to go work at the barn where I kept my horse. I vaguely remember those miserable days, but I'm convinced that any tolerance I had for cold weather is now long gone.

I've also been reminded how cold weather makes me want to eat lots of warm chocolate chip cookies. I don't bake, but thankfully Nestle has other more convenient options. In attempt to rationalize the cookie overindulging, I've decided that it's quite efficient to make cookies and then leave the oven door open after they are done (turned off, of course) to use the leftover heat to help warm up the kitchen. That's smart baking, right? :)

I'm very behind on editing personal photos, but I thought I'd share one of Pongo from Thanksgiving. It reminds me of SUN and WARMTH...hopefully, two things we'll see back here in Florida soon.

Now, back to hibernating.


BrittBeah said...

Ha ha, we are two of a kind when it comes to the cold. I'm sitting with a space heater at my feet right now! I started complaining about the cold back in October, now I'm frozen solid. It doesn't get nearly as cold in AL as it does everywhere else. I always feel bad for publicly mentioning the cold 40 degree weather we are having, I'm so happy you are in it with me!
And I have the same cooking issues with the cold. I too leave the oven open. Gives a nice smell and a heat boost!

achieve1dream said...

I know how you feel about the cold! I'm the same way. It has been so cold here that people are referring to 30 degree weather as balmy! We didn't get above freezing for almost a week! It's supposed to be forty today thank goodness!! Love the picture.

Kim said...

Ha! I'm glad I'm not alone in my weenieness. I guess when there's a major heat wave up north this summer and everyone else is complaining, I can remind them that we have that heat 6 months out of the year. :)

The Thundering Herd said...

We got all the way up to 20F yesterday, to the heat wave must be on. Rumor has it we will above freezing Wednesday - the first time in weeks.

P.S. - Beautiful photograph.

Sherri said...


OK--the GORGEOUS photo of Pongo was a beautiful pay-off for having to endure your WHINING about a little cold Florida weather.
Last Saturday night a pump on our furnace broke, unbeknownst to us. When my foot hit the floor Sunday morning I instantly knew something was was 48 degrees in my kitchen!!! Then of all the days to have off school....we have a SNOW DAY on Monday so we were stuck home and.....oh, goodness, I'm sorry....that sounds a little like.....whining!!!!
Tell the spotties to keep warm and look on the bright side---at least they aren't up to their cute spotty behinds in snow like my girls are. The potty breaks have been QUICK, to say the least!!
Keep warm;)

Kim said...

Hey I am all for equal opportunity whining! Whine away! :)

Sherri if it was 48 in my kitchen I think I would turn the oven on and climb right on in! I'm just thankful we have heat...there are a lot of Florida folks that don't. Although I have a feeling next month I'll be doing some MAJOR whining about my electric bill!

Oh, and I'm still threatening to send Peyton up to play in the snow. (insert evil laugh)

Anonymous said...

That is such a gorgeous photo of Pongo and the sun, I can almost (I said ALMOST) feel the heat from the sun. Or I can reflect on what it should feel like. Jan

Tori Self said...

Oh man. The show this weekend was MISERABLE. I didn't go back Sunday...but Saturday it rained and was absolutely freezing. I about died. Ahh. Way too cold Florida. I promise I won't ever complain about the heat again (maybe ;).

I forget, are you guys coming to Dog On It this weekend?

Kim said...

Tori, you're nuts! There's no way I would have made it to that trial. Even though I hate the thought of throwing away entry fees. :)

I was planning on it, but thought the deadline was 1/7 not 1/4. Darn blondeness. Next time...if I can remember!

Lisa said...

OK, you Florida folks! I think you're entitled to a little whining now and again (it's good for the soul), but when we got up Sunday morning, it was -4 degrees!! That makes even 4 degrees look good! It's so cold here that the snow is crispy and crunchy when the girls walk on it.

So now you've had your whine and I've had mine...anybody want some cheese with that? Oh, and Kim, while I don't do much baking, when it's cold and I bake something in the oven, I ALWAYS leave the door open to take advantage of that escaping heat!! I've also been known to personally suck up as much of the heat coming out of that oven as I can :) Never waste warmth, especially in January!!

Kim said...

We LOVE cheese! Cheddar please, send it on down. :)

And I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses the oven like a fireplace.