Monday, February 1, 2010

AX Leg #2!

We had a pretty good weekend at the DTCT trial...not some of our best runs, but I think we did okay given the courses we had to work with.

On Saturday we started with Open FAST and would have qualified and gotten our title if I had known that I wasn't supposed to cross the send bonus line until Peyton was all the way out of the tunnel (or maybe just 2 paws out, I'm still not sure). An OOPS on my part, otherwise it was a nice warm-up run.

Next was JWW and we had a great run going up until the end when I pretty much sent Peyton right into the off-course tunnel. This is a great example of what happens when you get caught up watching your pretty spotty dog run!

Our last run on Saturday was Excellent Standard and we got our 2nd AX leg with 1st place! The last half of this run was pretty messy - we had one big circle at the end that seemed to cause quite a bit of problems for dogs...or rather, handlers. In our case, I didn't cue a turn after the triple and Peyton didn't know where he was going. Oh and circles make me dizzy. :) Despite a lot of wasted time near the end, Peyton was the fastest qualifying 24" dog and 17 seconds under SCT.

Sunday wasn't exactly our day, but we did manage to have a few good moments. I really struggled to come up with a plan for these courses and even once I had a plan, my timing was really off. For the most part, Peyton ran where I sent him so I can't blame him. He was, however, higher than a kite! I think the chilly weather had him wound up a little more than usual.

Overall I think it was a successful weekend! I'm getting a little braver on my handling choices even when I know they aren't always the "safest" options...I've decided that I need to run like I train and trust that Peyton has the skills even when I know that they aren't always going to translate in a trial setting.

This trial was also a much needed reminder that I need to work on the timing and placement of my turning cues. Peyton HAS to know that a turn is coming before he takes an obstacle and there is very little room for errors on my part. He's not a dog that can be called off an obstacle at the last second, partly because his stride is so big and partly because he doesn't have enough handler focus at this point in trials. Not to mention that I would rather not have to rely on call-offs.

He's such a good boy though and despite being handler challenged, he's always so much fun to run!


Jenn said...

You guys are looking good ... but has anyone told Peyton that you are calling him a "pretty boy"

The cooler weather does really get him going doesn't it! One of my best friends has been telling me for YEARS ... Train like you trial and trial like you train. LOL Easier said than done!

Kim said...

Haha Peyton wants to know what's wrong with being a pretty boy?

And yes, it's usually easier said than done!

Jenn said...

lol - Steeler says he heard a rumor that being called a pretty boy is kind of like being called a sissy boy .... but he isn't really sure that it is such a bad thing because really - sitting in the dirty sand or running around in circles in the cold windy rain is just not something he wants to do.

Oh I meant to tell you - Peyton's weaves looked like you suddenly sped up the film! I hope I can get that enthusiasm from Steeler in a trial. Peyton looks awesome going through those weaves!!!!

Kim said...

Peyton is a total sissy boy. I think he's more of a princess than Indy. Not to mention the face that his two best friends are intact Golden boys. Maybe queen is more appropriate? :)

And thanks! If there is one thing I can usually count on, it's good weaves. I'm sure Steeler will totally have that kind of enthusiasm as soon as him mom puts on her brave hat. :) :)

Jenn said...

LOL .... Steeler is such a sissy boy too! And last week at obedience class during Stays he was wagging his tail and making googly play eyes at Rudy the intact male flatcoat.