Monday, February 8, 2010


We had another good day at the USDAA trial yesterday - Peyton qualified with 1st place in our jumpers and standard runs. I think he just needs 1 more standard Q for his PD1 title! Here's a quick little video of his 2 runs...not sure what happened, but the video got cut off after the table (there were 2 more jumps). Notice that he really fought to stay on those contacts - good boy!

I couldn't have been more pleased with how well he ran this weekend. I really enjoy USDAA - too bad there aren't a few more trials close by!

On a different note, Indy prettty much sums up how we feel about the Colts' loss in the Superbowl last night...

But wow, what an exciting game! As much as I wanted the Colts to win, I have to admit that I was also rooting just a wee bit for Drew Brees, who was the QB at Purdue during my college days. It was a great game, and a much deserved win for the Saints.


Lisa said...

Beautiful, beautiful runs! The Jumpers run was so smooth and I really got a laugh out of Peyton's bouncing contact coming off the dog walk!

The photo of Indy is priceless! There are days where that just says it all for me. Tomorrow may be one of those days, as we're supposed to get another 6" of snow :(

Anyway, great game last evening. Although we were cheering for Peyton's namesake, you gotta be happy for the Saints with their first Super Bowl victory.

Kim said...

Thanks Lisa! I had to laugh at Peyton's dogwalk contact too...silly boy. :)

Can't believe you're getting more SNOW!

Oz Girl said...

I LOVE watching Peyton! You can see how much he enjoys agility... and boy is he fast! :)

And even when she's got a snarl on her face, Indie is still cute.

Jenn said...

LOVE that Indy pic! I think that is how Logan feels about Steeler some days (ok maybe most days!) I see you are still wearing your hat - must be chilly down there! The last storm missed us - but I think we are going to get slammed this time around.

Kim said...

Thanks guys! And Jenn, I won't even tell you the temp this past weekend because you would probably be out in shorts and a t-shirt, but it was very chilly in my book! :)

I hope the storm is easy on you guys!

achieve1dream said...

Great runs! Love the picture of Indy.