Sunday, March 21, 2010


For those of you not familiar with the agility game snooker, here's a quick little overview. First, there's an opening and a closing sequence. In the opening you need to do a red jump followed by numbered obstacle, then you need to do a (different) red then a number, and finally another (different) red, and then another numbered obstacle. There are lots of silly little rules you need to remember like you can't take two reds back to back and you can't take two obstacles back to back unless they are grouped in the same numbered sequence, and some obstacles you can only take in one direction and once you take a red you can't take it again, and you have to accumulate a certain amount of points to qualify, and and and...get the drift? Oh, and if you mess up, you hear the whistle of snooker doom and you're done.

Anyway, this was my plan for the opening of this morning's course...looks pretty smooth, right?

Well, this is pretty close to what we ended up with...

Whoa. This is why me and snooker are not friends.

We actually had made it through the opening until Peyton took the #3 jump backwards (for zero points) and instead of starting the closing I sent Peyton to the #2 tunnel twice. Oops. We heard the whistle of doom.

At least we made it a little further than yesterday when we were whistled off after taking one red and then two tunnels in a row. :)

While I'm not really a snooker fan (yet), I'll admit that I really enjoy watching good snooker teams run. They can usually manage to come up with and execute a good strategy without looking like they are a) drunk and/or b) crazy. This morning I'm pretty sure I ended up looking like both.

Overall, we had a good time at the trial this weekend...videos and recap coming soon.


Lisa said...

Nice plan for the Snooker course, Kim. Too bad they never turn out that way!! Jazz and I have never Q'd in Snooker, although we haven't been whistled off yet, either! We just aren't fast enough to get through all the twists and turns and get to the closing with enough points. It was quite a while before Tess and Jim became proficient at Snooker. They still hear the whistle of doom on occasion, but they're usually successful. I have no doubt that you and Peyton will be, too. As for me and Jazz...well, maybe Jim needs to run her in Snooker!!

Kim said...

No way! If I have to suffer through snooker, you should too! :) I'm only kidding...I really had a fun time during this run - it was so comical. And I'm sure the speed for you and Jazz will come!

Sherri said...

UMMMM.....are all those squiggles supposed to be in there? LOL...I would like to see the video....the squiggly one looks like more FUN!!

Life With Dogs said...

LOL! I was envisioning my dogs trying to pull this off, and you confirmed it for me. :)

Kim said...

LOL...all of those squiggles were a result of Peyton trying to figure out where I wanted him to go. :) Unfortunately I have no snooker videos from this weekend...I would have liked to have seen a replay too!