Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Peyton AX!

Peyton and I spent the weekend in Vero and had a great time. I'm very happy to report that on Sunday Peyton earned his AX title with a first place!

I did manage to miss our walk-through, but fortunately the course was relatively easy - there were only a few sections that were causing problems. Because I wasn't exactly sure where I wanted to be, I think I over-handled most of the course, but it worked! Maybe I need to miss walk-throughs more often? Actually, I think I just need to remember to take my time and handle every obstacle. :)

Peyton seems to really like this location and our other runs were pretty good too. We're still Q-less in JWW, but I did really like our run on Saturday. The jump-weave opening was tricky and he missed his entry, but the rest of the run was nice (except for my late, unplanned front cross after the weaves).

What a fun weekend...yay Peyton!


Lisa said...

Congratulations, Kim and Peyton!! BEAUTIFUL Standard run. Nice Jumpers run, too. Looks like a fun trial. Big congrats on your AX title!

Kim said...

Thanks Lisa! :)

Paula said...

Great job! Congratulations. :)

Kim said...

Thank you! We've missed seeing you guys!