Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Smiles

I think I've probably shared pictures of Peyton's smiles (or "smarles"), but I don't think I've ever caught Indy smiling on camera...until today! When I found out that "grandma" (her favorite person in the world) was coming over, I taped Indy's surprised reaction...with lots of big smiles!

Peyton smiles all the time, but Indy just started smiling in the past few years. I think when she realized how much attention Peyton got for his silly smiles, she wanted in on the action. :)

Here's a quick little video...look at those teeth!

Love my crazy spotty dogs! Speaking of crazy...I can't believe it's almost August. This summer has been soooo busy!

Peyton and I haven't done much (agility) training-wise at all over the past month, but last week I decided to set up a challenging course that a friend sent me - not really a course to run when you haven't been practicing, but it was fun...kinda. :) We ran it with our Golden friends and I was really surprised with how well Peyton did! Granted, he was a little tired from playing beforehand, and it was HOT, but he really handled it well. I didn't expect that we would even make it to the backside of 3 without an off-course, but he nailed it on the first try. Good spotty!

Since I usually don't tape our practices, this was a nice reminder of just how far he's come. He's got such great focus and tries so hard to be right...and is just so much fun to run! It would be nice to have a little more of my "practice" Peyton in trials, but I think each time we make a little more of these days!

We hope all of our online friends are having a nice summer and staying cool!


Elizabeth said...

Oh those smiles were too cute!! The tails and smiles tell it all!

Elizabeth & Luna

The Thundering Herd said...

What a great smile!

Sherri said...

OMG---I had no idea Peyton was part VAMPIRE, too!!!

Kim said...

Ha! I totally forgot about Indy's vampy beach pictures! But yes, Peyton is my original vampire. He just doesn't look quite as crazed as Indy. :)

BrittBeah said...

Love it!