Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fashion Police

Peyton has always taken offense to certain clothing items - an occasional shirt, sometimes hats (thank you Sherri, for making sure I never forget), and most often, shoes.

Until recently, I have never been a target of his shoe snobbery. But in my attempt to find a decent pair of trail running shoes, I have obviously been making some very bad choices lately. It started last month when I came home with (in my opinion) some very cute Merrells. He HATED them. It took about a week for him to stop giving them the evil eye.

Then today I came home with two pairs of Keens. Not exactly my usual style, but they are super comfortable and I got them at a really great price. This was Peyton's reaction to the first pair (sandals)...

MAJOR dislike. The funny thing is that he doesn't seem to mind the other pair. Such a silly spotty dog...it's tough living with a member of the fashion police. :)


Lisa said...

Well, Peyton's reaction to your footwear faux pas was good for a laugh after a long day at work! Actually, I think we need to see a closeup snapshot of you wearing the shoes so we can determine if he's correct in his assessment of your new sandals ;) My girls, typical of the female of the spotty species, have never found a pair of shoes they don't like!!

Thanks for sharing...thoroughly enjoyed the video!

Kim said...

Ha! Thanks Lisa; we aim to entertain here in spotty land! :)

To be perfectly honest, my new sandals are a little too funky for *my* taste, but I couldn't pass them up for the comfort and bargain factor. I really can't blame him for giving them ugly faces, but that doesn't explain his reaction to perfectly "normal" shoes.

I'm beginning to think Peyton just doesn't like feet, period. :)

The Thundering Herd said...

Always tough having critics around.

Sherri said...

OMG....Peyton is my FAVORITE boy-spotty. HYSTERICAL!!!!!

You need to show us the SHOES!!

Kim said...

Gee, post a picture of my shoes so you guys can laugh and make funny faces too? Ok, sure! :)