Friday, September 17, 2010

Trial for Two!

Poor Indy...I have a ton of really fun pictures from our beach trip, but at the rate I'm going, I'll be lucky to have them up before Christmas.

That's okay; I think she'll forgive me. Maybe. She is going to run in her first AKC trial this weekend, so hopefully that will make her happy!

It should be...interesting. We haven't done much agility-wise all summer except for playing around in the backyard. I did take her out to the club this week to run a little novice jumpers course. Oh my. We haven't run a full course in forever and it definitely showed. I had forgotten how darn *careful* she is! She ticked one bar and then started stutter stepping right before the jumps. Physically, I think she's fine, but she definitely does *not* want to knock a bar. I'm hoping that with a little trial excitement she'll forget about worrying. We'll see...I just want her to have a good time and I have no other expectations.

I have a feeling Peyton is going to be wild. But that's okay too...I'm just ready to go play with my favorite spotties!

I think Indy is trying to channel her inner Border Collie here. Creepy.


achieve1dream said...

How exciting! I can't wait to hear how the trial goes. That picture is so cute. She looks like someone dunked her in the water against her will and she isn't happy about it, but I love your channeling her inner Border Collie comment too lol! That is too funny!

Kim said...

Ha! Thanks! :)

jan said...

maybe the sun was in her eyes, or she really wanted to be swimming. She has some strange looks!!