Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Not Our Weekend

We spent the weekend at a local USDAA trial and it was a loooong one...one of those (very rare) trial weekends where I kinda wished that we had stayed home.

Friday started off pretty well. We had a decent jumpers run followed by (several hours later) Performance Grand Prix and Speed Jumping. We had some goofy moments in both classes, but some nice ones too, especially in Grand Prix which had some really tricky spots.

Saturday was primarily a team day. We started off with a decent team gamblers run followed by a nice P1 standard run...except we got called for the up contact on the a-frame. That was a first! After another really long break we finished with a really painful team standard run and an equally painful team snooker run. Poor "Three Blondes and the Odd Spot"...my teammate did awesome all weekend, but we were pretty much done after my two stinky runs.

We had our last team run - jumpers - on Sunday morning, and it just wasn't fun. I don't know if I was just super tired from trying to do waaay too much over the past few weeks or what, but it's not fun or fair for Peyton to have a tired, cranky handler. So we decided to head home early and take a much needed nap. :)

One thing that I do think *I* need to work on is mental management. I really struggle with runs at the end of the day or after a long break between classes. It's not that I feel any anxiety or stress, it's just that I don't do well with all the down time. Maybe I need to take up knitting? Any other ideas?

We've entered a few local trials over the next few months, but I'm thinking that we'll take it easy for a while. I love trialing, but since we haven't had much time for actual training, I think we need some work. I feel like we've both made some good progress individually, but we're not really running in sync at the moment. It's all good...I think we'll get there.


Lisa said...

Maybe it's this time of year. We've given Tess a break from agility for a while. After she got her MX Labor Day weekend, she hasn't run well since! We went from having 20 Qs in a row to a weekend with only 2 Qs at USDAA two weekends ago. If you happen to find the source of this apathy, let me know! Tess is doing Rally only until early November, when she runs CPE. Up until we hit this downturn, we were pretty confident that she'd get her C-ATCH that weekend, but now we're not so sure.

Maybe a break is a good thing for you and Peyton, too. Who knows what gets into those spotty heads to turn good teamwork into a disconnect. You and Peyton had been running so well together. Back up and reconnect...you two are an AWESOME team!!

Kim said...

Aww, thanks Lisa...you always know how to make me feel better! :) Maybe Peyton and Tess have been having late night phone conversations? I'm sure they are just plotting ways to force us to be better handlers so that *they* look better.

I'm sure Tess will bounce back soon...she's such a good girl. Hopefully we won't be too far behind! :)