Friday, November 19, 2010

Adventures in Derbyland

Derby is 10 weeks old today! He's had an exciting week...on Monday we went to meet our Golden friends (the humans) at Crispers and other than being a very persistent (and slightly obnoxious) begging puppy, he was really good! He met a few new friends and greeted everyone who walked by with a very happy tail.

Then we headed back to Lisa's house where he met her three Goldens. Actually he had seen Riley and Finn out at the club last week, but he got to meet her senior girl, Sophie. He's not big enough to *really* play with them yet, but was happy to hang out and run all over the place. He thinks Lisa's yard is much more exciting than mine - she has all kinds of bushes and plants to pay around and hide in!

Here's a Golden sandwich - Sophie on the right, Riley on the left...

Just as I was thinking about getting ready to leave, Derby decided to take off down to the lake/preserve area. Lisa ran after him and pulled him out (covered in mud), so he got a quick little shower with the hose. Then we decided to let him watch the Goldens swim in her pool. Apparently he decided watching was no fun and decided to jump in! Before I could even react, Lisa jumped in after him (fully clothed) and helped him out. Other than being cold, he didn't seem to be phased at all. At least he came up swimming! After we got him dried off, it looked like he was thinking about jumping in again, but we decided that was enough fun for one day. :)

On Wednesday he tagged along to my lesson with Peyton in Tampa. Near the end we got him out and worked with him and Peyton together on leash. I was pretty nervous, but was told that *now* was the time to start working with them. Um, okay. I had Peyton in one hand and Derby in the other and was to praise Peyton when he was near Derby, but not allow Derby to jump on and/or be obnoxious to Peyton. Yikes, this is uncoordinated me we're talking about. At one point I wasn't quick enough and Derby bit Peyton's ear - Peyton told him he didn't appreciate that *at all*, but it was a short conversation and they both recovered quickly.

It's not that I'm worried about Peyton hurting Derby; I guess I'm more worried that Derby will hurt (using this term loosely) Peyton with his super sharp puppy teeth and then Peyton will decide that the puppy really *is* evil. :) He's just so darn sensitive and has a very low pain threshold. Yes, he's a big baby. And I'm a worrywart. I know I need to let them work it out.

I did need a push though and I've since been letting them out together with Derby on leash. They have been doing well with very polite and appropriate behavior from both. We've also started taking short walks together on leash - that's entertaining. :)

It wasn't until today when I was coming out of the kitchen and watched as both of them came trotting up to me (Derby was *supposed* to be in his crate), did I realize that I'm probably just being silly. As long as I work with them and continue to take it slow, Peyton *will* be fine. I'm sure there will be some "conversations", but it will all work out and I'm sure they'll be good friends in no time.

That's our update for now...hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Jenn said...

I am sure that Peyton and Derby will eventually be best buddies. :-) But there is nothing really wrong with taking it slow if that is what you need. I was really slow with Keegan and Steeler (but then again I know that Keegan will use his teeth when pushed) and did lots of stuff with them outside before inside. I wanted another pair of hands when I had to work with them inside. :-)

Congrats on the MX leg and the MACH points! :-)

Elizabeth said...

Looks like you have had your hands full! At least he jumped in the pool by himself. Luna won't go near a body of water- and she is a Golden!

Love the picture.

BrittBeah said...

Everytime I see this sweet little boy I just make a "SQUEEEEEE" noise. He is so cute.
I don't blame you for being careful. He is still pretty tiny and their relationship is still being formed. I am impressed with how you are working with both of the boys.

Kim said...

Aw, thanks! @Elizabeth - too funny; I'm really hoping Derby will enjoy swimming! :)

achieve1dream said...

You are giving me puppy fever and I will never forgive you for that lol. Just kidding. :)

Derby is so cute. In my personal opinion I like to let the dogs work it out on their own without my interference because the older dog can teach the puppy not to use his teeth too hard quicker and easier than we can. That's been my experience anyway. Storm taught Jackal bite inhibition quicker than I could have. :)

Kim said...

Ah, watch's contagious. :)

And I totally agree! But - I would rather Indy do that part of the teaching until I'm a little more confident that Peyton is ready to handle being a puppy pinching bag.