Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Collar Review | Dog Collar Boutique

The nice folks over at Dog Collar Boutique recently sent us one of their collars to review! Today Peyton is modeling a jacquard collar by Marityn Dog in "Milky Way Navy".

First, I love the colors and design! It's a perfect match for my long time obsession with stars...and just a little bit of sparkle.

Second, and most important, it's very well made. When it comes to collars, while Peyton would love to be a stylish, designer spotty, I'm a little more practical. Collars have to be heavy duty enough to stand up to his (insane) strength and survive a lot of roughhousing and rolling around with his Golden friends.

This collar definitely meets my practicality requirements; now all we need is the matching leash!

As far as fit and sizing is concerned, Peyton seemed to be in between the medium/large side based on the measurement guidelines so I ordered the large just to be on the safe side. Since it's an adjustable collar, the large fits just fine, but the medium would have probably been the perfect size for him.

If you are a collar fanatic, I definitely recommend checking out dogcollarboutique.com - they have one of the largest selections of collars I've ever seen (really!), and the prices are very reasonable.

As for Indy, she really wants this Swarovski Crystal leather collar in purple. (I told her she needed to find a job first.)

And speaking of jobs, I think Peyton would make a great dog collar and accessory model. Anyone hiring? I keep telling him that he needs to start supporting his agility habit. :)


Sarah Duke said...

LOL you did a WAY better review than me! :) Cute collar.

Kim said...

That's because I'm a WAY bigger nerd. :)

jan said...

NICE collar! Peyton looks very cool in it. I agree that Indy needs the crystal collar, but she doesn't want to wait 9 weeks to get it. Great site to visit!!

Sherri said...

Very handsome, Peyton. The spotty fan club said..."he's cute, he's cute!!"

Simplegirl said...

Your dog is absolutely beautiful and the collar looks fabulous on her.