Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Rewind

These past few months have been such a blur! Wouldn't it be nice if we could turn back the clock and have a little more time to enjoy the holidays (with all of our work done, of course)?

The spotties and I had a lovely Christmas with my parents. It was quiet and relaxing and a much needed little break after a very busy month. Derby thought his first Christmas was pretty awesome...he loved shredding all of the wrapping paper and playing with lots of new toys. Peyton was pretty much in a state of spotted bliss for two straight days; he loves opening presents and thinks that every one is just for him. He was a very good boy though and only had to be reminded a few times that Christmas was for sharing. :)

As usual, Indy boycotted Christmas. She finds the whole present unwrapping ritual (and Peyton's over the top behavior) totally annoying. I love her to pieces, but she is just so...weird. Spotty Grinch.

Here's a little video of my two boys that actually enjoy the holidays...

Thankfully Santa has not been eaten...yet. I told them that if they ate Santa this year they wouldn't get any presents next year. :) I have to give big thanks to our friends on the east coast who sent us Santa and some other really fun toys...they love them all!

Hope everyone had a really nice holiday! Just think, in 4 more days it will be 2011...how crazy is that!?


Lisa said...

Loved the Christmas video! Who's the cute little Dachsie? We used to have one, too. He was my Mom's and came to live with us after she passed away in 2000. I'll have to dig out the pic I have of Tiny and Tess when Tess was just a baby. Little Tiny lived a long, happy life, but he wasn't around to meet Jazz.

Looks like you had a great holiday. As much as I enjoy the festivities, there are times I feel like Indy and want to be the Grinch :)

Sherri said...

Adorable....Peyton gave me my SMILE for the day!!

achieve1dream said...

Awwww they are so cute cuddling together!!! I love how Peyton was insisting on opening presents. Great video! Thanks for sharing.