Friday, January 21, 2011


Long before our Derby pup came along, I had all of these great thoughts about how well I was going to document my next puppy's puppyhood. In addition to starting a new puppy blog, I even planned on trying to take a picture every single day for the first year. Clearly, I didn't plan on getting a pup smack dab in the middle of my busy season. But hey, it's all good...even though Derby's arrival wasn't exactly "planned", I wouldn't change a thing.

Derby pup is 19 weeks old today and is living up to his nickname, "rottenlittlespottedpuppymonster". Well, except for the little part...he's almost as big as Indy now. In all fairness, he really is pretty darn good as far as puppies go - BUT - he's also at that stage where games like "catch me if you can" become really, really fun. Ah, memories. Let's just say after a lot of hunting, I've found my long line. :)

Rottenness aside, he's been *such* a positive addition to our little spotty home. I still find myself in awe when I watch them all together. Especially Indy. I don't she has played this much...ever! She just adores him and seems to be very happy to finely have a spotty that appreciates (and loves!) her rough play style. And Peyton...while he doesn't have a future in the WWF, he seems to enjoy the little monster most of the time. They are both extremely tolerant of his much so that I'm starting to wonder when Derby's puppy license is going to expire.

In other news, we've got lots of fun stuff coming up! Peyton and I are headed to a trial tomorrow up in Tampa. Next week Derby and I are going to a puppy seminar with Silvia Trkman, which I'm really looking forward to - she seems like a lot of fun! And then the following week Peyton and I are attending a three day handling camp, which should be equally fun (and exhausting, I'm sure!). Right now I've only got a few trials planned in February and March, but if I feel like we're making some progress, we might add a few more. I've been trying to do a little better in the training front - not necessarily training harder, but (hopefully) smarter. If anything, Peyton seems to be running with even more speed and enthusiasm than ever - which is definitely *fun*, but could make trailing even more interesting. We'll see. :)

That's it for our overdue pupdate! I'll leave you with a fun picture from last three stooges; always entertaining.


achieve1dream said...

Oh my goodness!!! I love their expressions!! It took me a minute to find Indy, but I finally did. :) Cute picture.

That is so cool that you get to do a puppy seminar with Silvia Trkman!! I wanna go!! I can't wait to hear about it. Have fun!!!

Katie said...

Love your photography; stumbled upon your site while doing research on dalmatians. I enjoy your youtube channel and your blog; it's cool so see someone who is so involved in their dogs.

Any advice for someone who wants to own a dal someday and do agility with him/her (I've never done agility before but would like to eventually try)?

Kim said...

Hi Katie! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

I'd be happy to give some advice...look for a blog post soon. :)