Thursday, March 17, 2011

Always Something

After several weeks of bizarre Peyton behavior, it appears that I have my happy spotty dog back. More about that in a few, but first I thought I'd share some video from this past weekend's trial.

It's really too bad we can't edit runs in real time, instead of waiting for video! Overall we had some nice runs, but the theme this weekend (for me) was poor use of motion. When I needed to *move*, I was being a weenie and when I needed to be *patient*, I was moving. Poor Peyton; he really does a good job putting up with me.

The good news is that he was happy...which brings me back to his bizarre behavior. Over the past several weeks, we've been dealing with the following:

Frantic grass eating
Increased anxiety/nervousness
Depressed behavior
Random shaking for no apparent reason
Increased reactivity
OCD type behavior, including air biting

It was very, very odd and very random. One minute he'd be anxious and the next he would act depressed. My vet checked him out and couldn't find anything obvious, and his blood work came back good so there really wasn't anything to explain why my spotty dog had suddenly lost his mind. Until...I remembered that he had a rabies vaccine a few days before all this started. Ugh. Because I do very little vaccinating, I didn't even think about it. The only reason why I had the rabies done is because a) it's required by law and b) because we do a fair amount of traveling.

A friend of mine agreed that a "mental" reaction was very possible and suggested that I give him the homeopathic remedy Lyssin ASAP. I gave him a dose late one night and the next morning was the first in weeks where Peyton didn't wake me up pacing. And he's been back to pretty much his usual level of craziness ever since.

While I can't say 100% that his behavior was due to a vaccine reaction, it seems the most likely culprit. Soooo, my PSA of the day is that if your dog seems to jump on the crazy train after a rabies vaccine, please consider the possibility of a reaction. It was certainly a very unnerving couple of weeks for me, but (fingers crossed) hopefully he's recovered now.

It's always something. :)


Anonymous said...

Where did you find Lyssin?

Kim said...

Hi there! Fortunately a friend of mine had a bottle...I understand it can be hard to find though.

Sherri said...

Glad our favorite spotty boy is back to his old self!!

achieve1dream said...

Wow that sucks about the reaction. I'm glad your friend knew what to do for it and had some of the Lyssin. I'm glad he's feeling better now.

davidsimpson said...

I had a brown spotted Dalmatian named, Bailey. I wish I'd heard of Lyssin back then! He constantly exhibited this kind of behavior. I also suspect it was due to vaccines (I personally am against them, but didn't get Bailey as a pup). Beautiful dog!

gnarly said...

Hey that behaviour sounds alomost like it could be symptoms of seizures.
My spotty developed them at about 2 years old - he was having ful on grand mals but the air biting and anxiety could be minor seizure symptoms.

Kim said...

Definitely a possibility, but this was a little different. My Pongo had seizures off and on for years. He too had some air biting and anxiety behaviors when they happened, but Peyton's was just...different. Hard to explain. :)