Friday, September 9, 2011

Return to Sender

Sometimes captions aren't needed...

I'm certain that he loves the little monster pup (really), but I'm also certain that Peyton would also be perfectly happy as an only spotty. I'm constantly amazed at how tolerant he is, although he definitely makes his opinion known, complete with heavy sighs and an array of pouty faces. If only he could roll his eyes..

I've seen some big changes in Peyton over the past few months. I can't really put my finger on exactly what it is, but he's been more relaxed in general and extra affectionate, even with people that he really doesn't know all that well. Who knows, maybe at age 5, he's finally figured out how to be (relatively) comfortable in his own skin. I don't dare use the word "mature" though. :)

I think he's had a good summer, even though we haven't done a whole lot - that's what breaks are for, I suppose. He's really enjoyed running around the field while I set up for my classes twice a week and occasionally, we've run a sequence or two (he's my guinea pig for a lot of the courses I set up), but other than that, not much in the way of training. Which is fine until it recently occurred to me that our first trial of the season is next weekend. Oops. I'm guessing that we'll be a tad (or perhaps a lot) bit rusty, but it sure will be fun to get back in the ring.

On an unrelated note, apparently the spotty boys have recently decided that they are master hunters. It all started a few weeks ago when I had Derby out just a little before midnight and he caught a frog (or toad?) and proceeded to run laps around the backyard with it hanging out of his mouth (while I'm shrieking dropitdropitdropitdropitnow). It was dark, but I *think* he finally did drop it considering I didn't see any evidence of frog parts afterwards. My apologies to any neighbors I woke up that night.

Not to be outdone by the little brat, Peyton caught a mouse last week. I didn't see it happen, but heard squeaking sounds and once I realized there wasn't a toy in his mouth, I asked him to drop it (which he did immediately - good boy!) and there was a poor little mouse. Unfortunately the mouse did not survive. Don't tell Peyton, but I'm not convinced that the mouse wasn't a little mentally or physically ill. Really, I don't think he's a natural hunter. :)

This new obsession with catching critters has continued and for some reason my backyard has turned into a frog farm this year. They are everywhere. Derby is thrilled. Me, not so much. I'm pretty sure that they are of the harmless variety, but 1.) I like frogs and really don't want to see them eaten, 2.) frog herding is not how I prefer to spend my evenings and 3.) while practical, all this "leave-it" frog training really isn't much fun. Stupid, suicidal frogs.


Ch. Highgate's Storm Tracker CGN said...

Hahah Frog herding too funny!! Oh boy!

Lisa said...

Ooooh, a new dog sport...frog herding! Most of the frogs (or toads, I don't know the difference) around here cause rabid-like foaming at the mouth if the dogs pick them up. The fortunate thing is that they aren't harmful, but they can cause stomach irritation, so we practice "leave it" with the frogs here, too. They just aren't quite as plentiful as they are in your yard!

I'm sure Peyton would never return his little brother. For all he has to put up with, I'm sure he loves having him around. Tess is the same way with Jazz, but they're ultimately the best of friends.

Good to hear from you folks in froggy Florida!

Kim said...

Ah, yes...the new sport of frog herding! Do you qualify if your dog doesn't eat the frog(s)? ; )

evy said...

Just found your blog, like it:)

achieve1dream said...

Yuck lol. Yeah my grandparents' dog used to eat toads and it made of foam up at the mouth. They thought she was dying lol. After we realized she was fine it was funny, but after the third time or so it got really annoying. I think she finally figured out they were making her sick because she stopped eating them.

I love that picture. Good luck in your trial coming up!

Michael H Garcia Davila said...

Your Photography is great!