Monday, August 25, 2008

Bored Spotties

Well, it was a rather boring weekend for the spotties. My back has been giving me fits, so we pretty much stayed around the house and didn't do a whole lot.

Peyton wasn't too happy about that...

While Indy really didn't seem to mind.

Pleeeeeease play with me!

Fine, I'll just pick on Indy...

Indy doesn't want to play either...

So I guess I'll steal mom's shoe!

Indy says, does he ever give up?


Even the Olympics are bor-ing.

*Sigh* maybe if I just lie here and look super cute, someone will pay attention to me.

And this last shot was an "oops", but turned out pretty cool. This was Indy and Peyton's version of the Canine Olympics - featuring the couch-to-couch long jump. (Peyton won) :)

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