Monday, August 18, 2008

NADAC Trial Video!

Here are a few short clips from our runs last weekend. Due to some technical issues, I didn't get our first regular, chances, and jumpers runs on video, which is too bad since they were our better runs. But anyway, first up on the video is open regular (our only non-Q), next is elite tunnelers, and the final run is novice touch n go.

Our last touch n go run was a little pokey, but in our defense it was 2:30 we'll just call it sleep jogging. And speaking of jogging, I really need to learn to run a course without looking like such a big geek (I really can't blame that one on the time factor). :)

A super big thanks to my videographer (mom) who joined us! She toughed out a really late night at the trial and an even later night - er morning - at the hotel (courtesy of the spotty boy who wouldn't sleep). What a trooper!

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