Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Good Week!

After our not-so-great performances in class last week, Peyton did much better this week. In fact, he actually managed to impress me quite a bit. :)

On Monday night we worked through some challenging small sequences. I lost him a few times, but was able to get him back without too much trouble. With the exception of missing a few jumps, he worked really well. At this point I'm not worried about him doing everything *perfectly* - it's more important to me that he's playing the game and maintaining a decent level of focus.

On Tuesday night we ran a couple of nested courses. Again I lost him a few times, but his focus was so much better this week. He handled some tricky parts of the course very well and for the first time I really felt like we were running as a team.

I have to say when he's focused, he's so much fun to handle. He really reads my motion well and I'm loving the fact that I can walk a course and think about where I want him to go and not spend the time thinking about where I don't want him to go, like I tend to do with Indy. And I don't mean that in a bad way, it's just that I trained Indy quite differently and even though I'm trying to change some of my ways of handling her, we're just not quite there yet.

Anyway, it was a good week for spotty boy and I think we made some good progress. Now if we can just keep it up!

And yes, Peyton still thinks all this talk is boring. :)

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