Friday, November 28, 2008

3 Day NADAC Trial

Today was day one of the annual three day Thanksgiving NADAC trial held in Palmetto and Indy and I had a great day! Not only did we have some really nice runs, but since this is a local trial we have several SOTC friends competing too, which makes for a really fun weekend.

Here's a brief recap from today...

Elite Jumpers: This was a nice course and we had a good run going until the last line and (I think) I sent her a little wide with my front cross and she went around a jump. I made a really ungraceful and ugly attempt to save it at the last second, but with no luck. Note to self - don't do that. A good reminder at the start of our weekend that I need to *keep on handling* even when we're almost through the course.

Elite Chances: A BEAUTIFUL run! I think we were one of only three teams that qualified on this course. Indy handles distance work so nicely...I'm almost tempted to run all of our courses this way. :)

Elite Regular: Another good start, but at the end we missed the dog-walk/tunnel discrimination and I don't think she was entirely sold on the idea of doing the dog-walk so she added in a few jumps before she decided to be a brave spotty and just do it.

Open Weavers: A clean run and a Q, but slow.slow.slow. We barely made course time. I swear she must have been half-asleep on this run, but hey - a Q is a Q and I think we just need one more for our open title.

Here's a little video!

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BrittBeah said...

Congrats on the Q!