Friday, November 21, 2008

More of the Boys

Ok, so today we have some more of the boys I photographed yesterday. I'm seriously in love with some of these pictures...they were such a fun bunch.

First up is Harley, who has been in a few of Peyton's agility classes. He has all of the intensity that I love in a Border Collie, and I think he'll be an awesome agility dog some day.

Next is Ranger, who was just incredibly sweet. Love them ears!

And Rodee, who I have some lovely shots of, but these just make me laugh...

Then there's Willie - one word....gorgeous.

And Steve, who seriously only stopped running around just long enough for me to take these first two shots...

And then I got a bunch of floppy lip action. :)

And finally the grand-dog Brahma.

A special thanks to their mom, who made photographing all these guys absolutely painless. :)

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