Sunday, November 23, 2008

Project Smile!

Peyton is a big smiler...and I'm not referring to the open mouthed happy smiley look most dogs give us. He has this big toothy smile that looks more like a snarl - I think it's more common in some breeds than others, and I've seen quite a few pics online of "smarling" dals.

He smiles all the time...especially when he's happy to see someone, but also when he thinks he's in trouble, or when he thinks he's going to get a bath. :)

It is soooo cute, but to date all of my attempts to capture his smiles have been complete failures. So I've decided to start my own "project smile" and I'm determined to get a good picture of him smiling one of these days.

The really funny thing is that Indy started "
smarling" like this too a while back. Knowing her, I think she was a little jealous of all the attention Peyton got from his smiles and decided she needed to get in on the smiling action. She only smiles on occasion, but when she does, it's adorable!

So here's the closest thing I have to a Peyton smile...I'd say it's maybe a half-smile? :)

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