Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Peyton got in a fight with a tunnel in class tonight...thankfully he wasn't hurt, but it sure scared me. The tunnel was located under the dogwalk and the crazy fast (but very cool) lab who ran before us caused it to shift so when Peyton ran through it, he hit the legs of the dogwalk - big ouch! Poor guy can't seem to catch a break lately.

This was our second class on our new field and I think it's going to take some time for Peyton to adjust - the new field, new dogs...it's a bit much for his spotty brain to process at the moment. I can't say that he's doing terrible...he's just a little on the over-stimulated side (more so than usual) and I'm having a hard time keeping him with me. Hopefully he'll settle in soon.

On a good note, our start line stays are looking much better. I can tell that he's thinking...which is a good thing. Really, he's been giving me a decent level of focus given the new environment - it's just that if given the slightest opportunity - he's off running across the field like a loon. I think a little more management on my part will help. A bit of a challenge since he doesn't-want-to-stand-still when working. I see a lot of downs in his future. :)

Here's a little video which includes Peyton's little tunnel mishap. My handling was *really* bad - talk about giving lousy direction. I guess we both were a little on the flaky side tonight...

Paws crossed that Peyton will still be feeling good tomorrow! :)


BrittBeah said...

Poor sweet spotty boy! BAD tunnel. Looks like he recovered quickly.

Dan starts his next agility class next week with a new instuctor, I hope it isn't too much over load for him with a new "chicken lady" and all those new friends to play with.

Lisa said...

Hope Peyton's feeling okay this morning. What a scary thing to have happen in a tunnel! He was a very brave boy and went right back in there. Good lesson for all of us. I'll be keeping an eye on the tunnel when it's positioned under a dog walk!

Hugs and kisses to Peyton. Hope his ouchie is long forgotten!

Kim said...

Peyton says thank you...he had his usual early morning zooms this morning and doesn't appear to be hurting. I almost always check tunnels before we run...now I'll be checking for sandbags too. :)