Friday, February 20, 2009

Poor Peyton

My poor spotty boy is hurting...I guess I spoke to soon when I said he wasn't hurt after our tunnel incident on Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning he woke up feeling fine and had his usual run around the backyard. He ate breakfast and spent the morning napping. Around lunchtime he starting acting like he wasn't feeling good and by the afternoon he was trembling on the bed. I called my vet and decided to take him into the clinic. He didn't show any obvious signs of discomfort during the exam, but his right hip seemed a little off. Because it was late, we decided to give him some pain meds and bring him back in the next morning for further tests and x-rays.

Peyton spent Thursday at the vet - his blood work came back fine and his x-rays looked good. Apparently he was still very reluctant to move his hip, even when sedated, and he had some tightness in his lower back. Soooo, either his muscles are just really sore and/or he experienced some kind of whiplash effect in the tunnel.

My poor spotty boy was pretty drugged up all last night and has been resting all day today. This morning he acted like he felt a lot better, but by this afternoon he was trembling again - especially in his hind end. I gave him some of his pain meds and now he's back on the bed sleeping.

I just feel terrible for him...I guess all I can do is let him rest and hope he starts feeling better soon. :(


Lisa said...

Poor sweet Peyton! Tess and Jazz send lots of hugs and kisses to help Peyton recuperate. Since his blood work and x-rays were good, I'm sure it's nothing that some rest and lots of lovin' won't cure! Take good care of that handsome spotty and let us know how he's doing.

BrittBeah said...

Feel better soon!

Kim said...

Thanks so much for the good thoughts...I really miss my wild spotty boy and all his silly smiles. :(