Friday, April 17, 2009

Big Weekend for the Spotties!

This weekend we'll be playing at the Cool Critters NADAC trial in Palmetto! This is Peyton's first trial at this location and I'm a little nervous/excited/anxious to see how it goes. The trial itself is a little bigger than what we usually see in Ocala with two rings running at the same time, and there's generally a lot more distractions. *Breathe* Kim...

We've had a little break this week from our usual classes, but did get in some practice time. Our advanced handling seminar/class was Wednesday and we worked through some really difficult courses - we were definitely in over our heads, but did manage a few moments of brilliance. One change that I'm starting to see is that Peyton is really trying to please and even when we're struggling, I'm not losing him to the environment. That's great progress for my spotty boy. Oh and I've been sneaking back in some start-line stays and he's handling them great!

Peyton has 4 runs each day so this will hopefully be another great training opportunity. My game plan for this trial is pretty much the same as it was for our last trial, although I do realize this environment might be a little more challenging for him. One thing I really need to remember this time is to provide more handling support. I have to remember that at this point I'm not going to get the same responses to my cues in a trial as I do in class - in other words, I really need to *work*!

Indy also has 4 runs each day, but this time I've decided to not enter her in any classes with contacts. I really want her to have fun this weekend and since she can be a little iffy about "foreign" dog-walks, I'm not even going to take the chance of her getting stressed over it.

I came across this picture today - it was taken last year around this time when we were taking a Control Unleashed class up at Courteous Canines in north Tampa. It was a really timely reminder of how far Peyton has come. A year ago Peyton could barely do anything fact, I'm pretty sure he took off zooming right after this was taken. :) So no matter how we do this weekend, I'm really proud of my little spotted monkey.

Of course, good vibes from my online friends are always much appreciated! :)


Jenn said...

You guys will do great! Peyton has come so far in the past year! Just don't forget to breathe! Good Luck!
jenn and steeler!!!

Kim said...

Must breathe.
Must handle.
Must run fast.
Must not fall down.

That's a lot to remember...maybe I should write it on my hand! :)

BrittBeah said...

Maybe you should write all that on Payton's butt so you can read them as he runs in front of you! lol

Wishing you guys a lot of luck. 8 runs a day for you, wow.

Kim said...

Now that's a great idea! :)